Road Trips of the World

Don’t forget the mixtape… Mixtape, hmm – these days it’s more likely to be a flash drive or a bluetooth connected smartphone, but whatever your music choice, everyone loves the idea of a road trip – anything from going to…

Tracks – The Train Set Game On Xbox One

Launch Trailer Revealed Get ready for a ride like no other in the Tracks universe, where only your imagination can hold you back. Create a vast open-world. Build cities with airport, parks, rivers and bridges. Create music on musical tracks…

Driven by Emotion
Edge Magazine says: “How British publisher Excalibur is driving vehicle simulation in a new, emotionally charged direction” The rise of road trip games With Road to Guangdong just launched, we wanted to share a fascinating article with you – one…
Road to Guangdong

Launch Trailer Revealed The brand new trailer establishes the game’s core driving and repairing gameplay while also hinting at the fascinating relationship between staring characters Sunny and Guu Ma as they embark on an epic road trip across 1990s China.…

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