European Ship Simulator

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Jump on board, and captain eight highly-detailed vessels and explore famous European ports including Dover, Rostock and the bay of Gibraltar. Larger vessels will break through the waves with tremendous force but smaller ships will rock back and forth creating a great experience as you try to combat realistic water physics.

Each ship handles differently, some with different controls to master while others may have a sharp difference in acceleration and speed. Every ship contains a highly detailed bridge for you to explore in first person mode.

Included is a detailed Mission editor which allows players to adjust wave height, create a selection of triggers and spawn AI ships. This game is a core product for the development team and will continue to be supported post launch with new updates and DLC.

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Features List

  • Eight ships with highly detailed bridges and
  • Six ports to explore
  • Mission editor
  • Weather conditions include rain, sun and snow
  • Realistic water physics
  • 20 missions including some of which can take 40 – 60 minutes to complete
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