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Hello all,

I am excited to reveal that Flashing Lights’ Speed Update is out now! This update focuses on speeding, with road-specific speed limits, the ability to issue parking tickets and on-foot traffic stops all added!

In order to celebrate Flashing Lights’ last update of 2018, we have also released a brand new official gameplay trailer. Take a look!

Finally, I am excited to announce that hats make their return to Flashing Lights, with the addition of a very exciting festive hat!


In January, we will be announcing the Q1 2019 roadmap, detailing the content arriving soon!

If you have had fun with Flashing Lights this year, why not vote for it in IndieDB’s Indie of the Year awards? All you have to do is click HERE and vote for Flashing Lights, in the ‘Role Play’ category – even if you don’t have an IndieDB account!

Full Patch Notes

New Content

– NPC traffic change speed according to the road-specific speed limit
– Speed gun model revamped
– Speeding tickets now available to issue
– NPCs will now occasionally break speed limits
– Hats added for all departments
– Traffic vests added for Police, which are required for on-foot traffic stops. These can be grabbed from the boot of your vehicle
– Cruise control added. Default input: “R”
– NPC license plates added
– Speed signs added to the world


– Pedestrian frisking now correctly finds random items, instead of only ID
– Fixed an issue with the suspect interaction menu would freeze up
– Can now cut down all trees on the map
– Fixed camera switching issue between 1st and 3rd person driving
– Tutorial text for Spike Strips added
– Fixed an issue where NPC pedestrians could walk away when handcuffed when a player joined multiplayer sessions
– Players no longer get stuck during CPR procedures when using Med bags placed by other people
– Players no longer get stuck when ladders are taken away by other player while climbing
– EMS can no longer get infinite points by repeating parts of missions
– Yield sign changed
– NPC drunk driver swerving reduced
– NPC traffic despawn adjustments made


The Flashing Lights Team

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