Tow Truck Curiosities

Things you may not know about recovery trucks

Tow Truck Racing… Wait, what?

Racing can be such a drag!

Filmed at Castrol Raceway in 2014. Credit: Ed Holloway (YouTube)

On your marks, get set – load up your car and push the pedal to the metal. Can you trucking believe it? They actually race fully loaded tow trucks at full throttle around a race track. Talk about back wheel spin!

It may seem crazy, but the fun is unquestionable.

Tow Truck Turf Wars

Across America, turf wars over tow truck zones are a serious issue. Tow truck businesses will race to be the first to a scene in order to secure work. This causes drivers of the trucks to speed through red lights, drive erratically and even start fist fights.

The stressful nature of securing work in this way has sometimes spilled over into violence – escalating to arson, and even a suspected shooting in Toronto.

As you can imagine, because of all this trucking drama, insurance premiums on tow truck companies can be exceptionally high – so high in fact, that some companies do not file to claim any damages in an attempt to curb extra costs.

So, next time you’re on the road and see a speeding tow truck, give it some space, they’re under more pressure than you think.

The First Tow Truck

Holmes’ hoisting apparatus for automobiles.

The original tow truck was created and built by Ernest Holmes Sr., by modifying his 1913 Cadillac. Holmes got his inspiration from helping a friend lift his Model T out of a ditch. He added an iron chain, a pulley and several poles to his Cadillac to allow him to pull and transport cars. After perfecting his design, Holmes filed his patent in 1917 giving birth to the tow trucking industry.

It is seemingly quite a straightforward concept but this stroke of genius from Holmes revolutionised car recovery for the future.

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Article written by Will Stallibrass

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  1. That’s crazy, I never even knew this was a thing, this is cool! I’ve heard of cars with caravans but not tow trucks! WOW!

  2. A tow truck on the track
    he is the one having your back

    in a rush if you crash
    he is the one saving your cash

  3. In my country, a typical “towtruck” is used only for towing trucks. For normal cars, they usually use rollbacks (flatbeds). This article is pretty cool. In my opinion, this update was very important – finally, we can tow away a car blocking a hydrant, instead of just giving a ticket that does nothing…

  4. did you also know that 2 standard/auto tow trucks can move a house completely off its foundation

  5. Hi, hope you are doing good.I am actually in desperate need of the flashing lights game. I love the game to the core. Pls select me as the winner plssssss!!!!!!!

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