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Tow Truck Curiosities

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  1. Unit13 says:

    What?!! Didn’t even know that racing in tow trucks is a thing? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?

  2. GreekEditor says:

    With such tow truck speeds, in Greece their starting point should be at China or something!!!

  3. Steven says:

    That’s crazy, I never even knew this was a thing, this is cool! I’ve heard of cars with caravans but not tow trucks! WOW!

  4. Simon says:

    This is exactly how I drive the Tow truck!

  5. Danny says:

    Have you ever seen a tow truck being towed?

    1. Unit13 says:

      Yes I have, you?

  6. Dan128 says:

    A tow truck on the track
    he is the one having your back

    in a rush if you crash
    he is the one saving your cash

  7. Aronek says:

    In my country, a typical “towtruck” is used only for towing trucks. For normal cars, they usually use rollbacks (flatbeds). This article is pretty cool. In my opinion, this update was very important – finally, we can tow away a car blocking a hydrant, instead of just giving a ticket that does nothing…

  8. Chris Massruha says:

    did you also know that 2 standard/auto tow trucks can move a house completely off its foundation

  9. Devesh says:

    Hi, hope you are doing good.I am actually in desperate need of the flashing lights game. I love the game to the core. Pls select me as the winner plssssss!!!!!!!

  10. 11ghii says:

    I love this game

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