Meat and Dairy

April 2021 update

The first big update for Ranch Simulator will include a meat and dairy production system, which will provide another way to make money and expand your ranching operation.

6 thoughts on “Meat and Dairy

  1. This sounds promising. And i’m already having a lot of fun.

    But i would i have a few points which would be nice to see it in the game;
    – A flashlight, handheld or with a headband
    – A rifle for hunting
    – More types of forest animals
    – More types of farm animals
    – More crafting options, like traps, flashlights, benches, fire places, something like that. to make it look nice

    Keep up the great work, the game is so much fun

  2. Love the April update! But there are a few issues.
    1.) Game isn’t loading the most recent save 100% of the time. It seems to be loading 2 saves previous instead of the last one. Or else it’s saying it’s saving but, in actuality, doesn’t always.

    2.) Pigs are no longer visually getting bigger. They get to a certain size and stay that way, long past butchering age.

    3.) Pans placed on the stove and grinder need re-placed after every load.

    4.) After entering the game, any egg baskets full of eggs “fall out” when you pick up the basket (like before). But, since the update, you’re also getting double the eggs. Now when you pick up the basket, the eggs are still in there plus ones floating. I actually got an entire new basket full of eggs this morning (it duplicated the entire basket and eggs).

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