Road to Guangdong

Take a Road Trip Across China

Take a journey of discovery on the Road to Guangdong as you join Sunny and Guu Ma and embark on the trip of a lifetime, as they travel across China in their aging but beloved family car. Can they maintain their beloved car and overcome their personal history to save the family restaurant?

Road to Guangdong – Digital Download:

Road to Guangdong – Boxed version:

Includes Exclusive Booklet and Recipe Cards

Your story

You play the role of Sunny, an art graduate, who’s just inherited the beleaguered family restaurant. Inheriting the restaurant has raised a few jealous eyebrows amongst family members.

Moral choices

Face moral choices as you select dialogue and shape Sunny’s character.

Maintain your old family car

Take care of your tyres and engine and watch your fuel consumption, as you endeavour to reach your destination.

Explore Guangdong, China

Explore the sights, sounds and culture of this exciting province.

A beautiful visual novel

As the story unfolds, take time to relax in an atmosphere of beauty and contemplation.

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