April Update Now Live

Meat & Dairy Production, New Houses, Trailers & More

We have just released the April 2021 update for Ranch Simulator! This is the first content update, so we’re very excited for you all to play it! We’ve added meat and dairy production (including a fast food restaurant to which you can sell produce), new houses, an animal stunner, two trailers, a cooler container for transporting meat & cheese products, and more!

This update also includes lots of tweaks and bug fixes aimed at improving the overall experience. The general store’s buy/sell zone is now outside the store, we’ve added an option to control the vehicles using the mouse, and more.

We’ve also been receiving lots of requests for more languages to be supported, and are happy to announce that this update also introduces Polish and Korean language support!

June update will reset your progress

The most requested feature has been the ability to build new facilities wherever you like. We listened, and are excited to announce that in the June update we will add the ability to build the likes of coops and fences anywhere. However, it is a big change and will result in old saves no longer working. Therefore you will lose all of your current progress.

Please read this forum post for more details.

Go to the full Steam announcement to see the Full Patch Notes of what’s new, what’s changed, and the many bug fixes.

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