Fly over the Burj Khalifa in X-Plane Update

X-Plane 11’s latest free update is now available for everyone! Get X-Plane 11.30 now to experience its many new exciting features. 


ATC Voice System

The new voice system is more flexible and allows for the community to help improve its pronunciation. You can also listen to ATC on COM1 and COM2 simultaneously.


Dubai Landmarks

Dubai is a major business and transport hub in the Middle East that is home to the world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa.


Embankments & Piers

New facades and objects are available for the creation of embankments, sea-walls, piers, and docks in scenery packs. Scenery artists can use them just like the terminal or jetway kits to customize scenery packs.


Particle System

A new particle effect system that creates smoke, fire, mist and other ephemeral effects in the sim. Sim pilots may notice new, more realistic effects with heat and light, including updated contrails, heat blur, and wing tip trails.


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