Go To War In Victory At Sea Pacific!

Recon & capturing ports

Victory at Sea Pacific sees you engage in tactical search and destroy naval warfare across WWII’s Pacific ocean in this huge open world Real Time Strategy.

From commanding the entire Pacific Theatre to zooming in to take control of individual planes and ships, Victory at Sea Pacific puts the player in the heart of one of the most desperate campaigns of the Second World War.

The Recon is a vital part of Victory At Sea Pacific & players have choices when it comes to the scouting of a port. Depending on the resources available you could send in a submerged submarine, raising the periscope to get a lay of the land. This improves the chances that the sub will not be spotted (unless there are enemy Destroyers in the area).

Alternatively a good spotter aircraft can be used to scout out the area, maybe even spot some enemy fleets at the same time. If the tide of the war is turning in your favour you may feel brave enough to send some ships to do the scouting, but beware nearby fleets might be called in to defend the port.

Once a hostile port is completely scouted out, an amphibious assault can be triggered.

A fleet of landing craft will advance on the port, attempting to land troops. The enemy of course will not sit still and let this happen. They will begin firing all available guns on your position as well as launching any available aircraft. The Port may have coastal defence such as patrol boats or even a docked fleet resupplying. There are many unseen problems so ensure you haven’t overstretched your lines and have brought enough firepower to see the craft land safely.

Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming, players develop their own story with an open world sandbox mechanic in a desperate attempt to win the World War 2.

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