TRACKS – Core Update

Pieces and pieces and more pieces

This update features a lot of system overhauls I’ve been meaning to do for a long time so there might be some teething issues, but it’ll ultimately be for the greater good.

The way trains move around tracks has been completely changed to allow for new more interesting track pieces.

Many new pieces have already been added and I’ll continue adding more if there is an appetite for them.

The same goes for the new selection/collision system, it should feel just like the old one for now but will allow for nice new options in future updates.

New basic pieces

  • Gentle slopes – (Alt mode) Scroll Up/Down to make a slope that goes up by 1 but is 2 pieces long, so less steep
  • Sharp turns – (Alt mode) Move the cursor like you’re making a turn but go even further to make a sharp piece that turns back on itself
  • Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Corkscrews

New Junctions

  • Y Junction – Turn into a turn piece to make a junction with turns going both ways
  • Triangle Junction – Run a straight piece through a Y Junction
  • Double Junctions – Turn into an existing Single Junction to make one with turns on both sides
  • Super Crossing – Click on or turn into a Crossing to upgrade it with turns at all sides

Track Improvements

  • Joining Junctions – The joining piece for connecting parallel tracks now has versions with 2, 3, or 4 endings so the train won’t fall off the track if every side isn’t connected
  • Smooth slopes – Up/Down pieces that are next to others will automatically flatten themselves for a smoother ride when going through many of them

Variant improvements
(Roads and Rivers)

  • Variants now have appropriate Up/Down pieces
  • Junctions default to Triangle Junctions so you can turn in either direction
  • The train now runs at the correct height instead of floating slightly above any variant it is on
  • The model itself can now be highlighted instead of just the (invisible) track piece on top
  • Improved passenger placement

Train redirector

The old system of clicking on track pieces to choose a direction for the train wasn’t any good on the new junctions with multiple sets of choices, so now you can control the train using Train Redirectors. Place them near pieces and they’ll snap to endings with turning options. Click on the redirector to cycle through the available turns.

‘Recently Used’ row

The toy box now has a dynamic row with your 20 most recently used decorations. It’ll only appear after you’ve used at least 5 unique decorations.

General Improvements

  • Trains can now turn while reversing
  • Improved Train-Track alignment and turn smoothness
  • The Colour Picker now has a Hex value box
  • Colours stored in the Colour Picker are now saved/loaded with track files
  • Improved performance when there are many trains
  • Improved CPU performance when there are many track pieces
  • General train movement along tracks should be smoother
  • Carriages can no longer overpower the train on a slope
  • Improved building behaviour at the edges of the level
  • Added a “New Content” banner on the menu
  • Added a Clear button to the Toy Box search bar
  • Made train customisation saving more reliable
  • Trains and carriages no longer block selection/building
  • Added helpful signs for when a Station in Passenger mode gets moved/hidden
  • Tweaked the Pub to make it line up with other buildings better
  • Tweaked the Metal Fence to make it line up better

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