Train Simulator 2019 Is Announced!

Dovetail Games have announced the official release date for Train Simulator 2019!

Releasing on 11th October 2018, Train Simulator 2019 will be available here on the Excalibur Games store, Steam Store and the Dovetail store.

The game will run as 64-bit, upgrading from the 32-bit found in Train Simulator 2018, providing a lot more stability during gameplay, and allowing for longer routes and more AI trains in scenarios.

The latest edition of the Train Simulator will come with Soldier Summit, Salt Lake City, The Rhine Railway, Frankfurt High Speed and Portsmouth Direct Line as standard.

As always, the upgrade for Train Simulator 2019 is free to existing players, however, although you will get the 64-bit upgrade, you won’t get the additional routes (unless you already own them of course).

If you are interested to try it out, check out Train Simulator 2019 in our store now!

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